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The Team

The team started the journey by being a part of the Biodesign Innovation program at Melbourne University. Our vision is to promote better respiratory health through continuous innovation.


Di Miao

Co-Founder & Business Development Lead

Di is a biomedical engineer and aspiring entrepreneur. Having studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Melbourne, she is passionate about applying a personalised approach to tackle unmet clinical needs. Di has more than three years of experience working on multidisciplinary research projects. Her experience in customer service and sales aids her role in customer engagement and business development at Cari. 


Lyra Li

Co-Founder & Product Development Lead

Lyra is a biomedical engineer with a passion for utilising innovative technologies in healthcare. Since completing her Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, she has led Cari's product development endeavour to design a better solution that helps patients manage their respiratory health. Apart from having experience in supporting data-driven research that translates into clinical solutions, Lyra has worked in market research and customer insights, which helps her to gain a unique perspective on user-centred design.

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