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Improve mask fitting workflow for your clinic

Common Challenges for Sleep Clinics

CPAP mask fitting is a laborious but necessary step in initiating sleep apnea patients into CPAP therapy. It's time-consuming, and relies heavily on the personal experience of the sleep scientist or technician. They are often required to become very knowledgeable about various CPAP masks on the market, and stay up-to-date with the new products released almost every year. Developing a standard, consistent approach for fitting CPAP masks on patients is a challenging task for many sleep clinics. 

The current mask fitting approach is also limited to in-person appointments. Patients have to travel and visit clinics in order to access services. Limited accessibility presents a barrier for patients based in remote regions. As both clinics and patients adapt to a post-pandemic world, it's important to offer safe and accessible alternative to enable the provision of clinical services. 

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Implement Cari Mask Fitting Assistant


Our digital Mask Fitting Assistant offers a way to inform sleep scientists the ideal masks for individual patient and help your clinic improve mask fitting workflow. 

Patient will complete an online form by answering questions related to their breathing pattern, facial structure, sleep habits and other personal preferences. Based on the information collected, our algorithm will work out CPAP masks that match the patient’s profile and provide product recommendations. 

Streamline clinic workflow

Increase service accessibility

Improve patient engagement

Boost clinical output

Why Choose Us?

Our solution enables patients to conduct mask-fitting and access information from wherever they’re based. It’s also easy to be integrated into the existing workflow of your clinic,  helping you manage in-clinic patient load and telehealth consultations.

Mask fitting doesn’t need to be a time-consuming process for your clinic and your patients -- our goal is to help you provide an easy, intuitive and efficient service that’s accessible to your patients anywhere and time. 

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