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Finding the best CPAP mask  for you 

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The importance of choosing a well-fitting CPAP mask

For many new CPAP users, acclimating to wearing a CPAP mask is a hurdle in receiving proper care. Worse still, if you don’t select a well-fitting mask, then you may never become used to CPAP and either begrudgingly accept a lower standard of care - which may also include disturbed sleep - or cease care entirely.

A well-fitting mask considers your face shape, preferences and sleeping habits. Without addressing these holistically, a poorly fitted mask may fail in any one of these areas.

A poorly fitted mask can result in:

  • Air blowing onto the eyes and face causing irritation

  • Feeling constricted in your sleeping position

  • Restricting airflow rather than improving it

  • Discomfort and restlessness


All these things can lead to sleep disturbance and a lower quality of care.

What can I expect from a well-fitting mask?

While it takes time to get used to CPAP therapy, a well-fitting mask can help you adjust. You still might need time to adjust to wearing a mask while you sleep, but a well-fitting mask will help lower your anxiety and consciousness of the mask.

New users typically only wear their masks for short times, increasing to a few hours and then to the consistent wearing time required for therapeutic benefit. It also takes some time to begin benefitting from CPAP therapy – typically a month after beginning therapy. A well-fitting mask can also help shorten this adjustment period, leading to receiving therapeutic benefits earlier.

A well-fitting mask will: 

  • Be comfortable for your facial features

  • Create a good, positive seal to ensure you receive therapeutic pressurised air

  • Suit to your breathing habits while sleeping to ensure quality air delivery

  • Consider sleeping habits to maintain comfort and freedom in your sleeping posture

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Using our mask fitting assistant


Selecting a well-fitting mask poses significant challenges, particularly for a new user. CPAP masks are expensive and inconvenient to trial. Typically, new users don’t have sufficient familiarity with masks, nor access to a wide enough selection to fit themselves.


Our mask fitting assistant takes a personal approach to holistically selecting a mask that’s a good fit for you. We also use a database of all currently available masks from the major manufacturers, so it’s like having them all there with you to try on. This allows us to guide you to your optimal well-fitting mask.

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